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Jessica Arrington



My fitness journey started in high school. Like most people, I did childhood sports and I was actually pretty good at softball. But I was never passionate about the sport. It was at the weight room where I had found my true calling.  I have to give a big thanks to my father because he was the strength and conditioning coach for the football team and he made me do zero hour weight training with the football team. He introduced me to the oly lifts and powerlifting. For a petite young girl I was pushing big numbers (cough, 200lb squat & 105lb bench press). Lifting made me feel so alive. So much so, that in college I entered my first bikini competition; didn’t place or do anything in terms of paper achievements but that competition taught me so much about the different aspects of lifting not to mention the nutritional side of fitness. I accidently got introduced to Crossfit by several of my girlfriends; they bought me a month membership at a local box that forever changed my life. I was hooked by the movements, by the amptompshere of your coach and peers cheering for you to get that last rep in. The way that Crossfitting made me feel was addicting. Two years later and a new me later, I decided to work at another local box as the front desk person, which fed into my passion of someday being more. I wanted to teach and showcase my passion of Crossfit to others, so naturally I acquired  my L1 Crossfit trainer cert. My true journey is beginning now, hoping to inspire others.

Getting to know Jessica Arrington:

My favorite Lift: Power Cleans!!!!!!!

Least favorite movement: Kipping anything! Having active shoulders is very difficult!

Outside the gym what’s important to you? Spending time with my family and friends. My recent trend has been hiking with my children and my lab puppy!

What is your favorite food? Can RX bars count as favorite food?! Ha! JK! I really like Brussel Sprouts.

Gross foods? Tomatoes are disgusting to me. Everything about a tomato irks me.

Place you want to travel: Iceland!!!! Everything looks so beautiful!! Plus I would love to see where The Dotters workout!

Places you’ve been? Mexico, Brazil and I have traveled the majority of the USA.

Favorite superhero? Not really a superhero but I really enjoy reading Hermione from Harry Potter. She is brilliant and a very strong witch who happens to be a muggle! She beat the odds!

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