Dominic Colella


  • CF-L1
  • USAW Sport Performance Coach

Dominic Colella



My exposure to fitness began like many of my peers’: within the sporting world. I started playing baseball and soccer at the age of 5, and those sports would continue to be my major activities until I graduated high school. Lacking the competitive motivation that sports gave me following high school, I began experimenting with different workout regimens to stay in shape, including dabbling in *gasp* DVD guided routines. As I got more involved in working out, I stumbled across the Crossfit mainsite programming in 2010. I consider this a major turning point in my fitness journey, because much of what I have learned stemmed from the interest I developed in the early days of doing Crossfit in my garage (literally). I stuck with Crossfit until 2012 when a friend introduced me to Crossfit Football as a vehicle for building size and strength. For all those who have asked me over the years what program I follow, Crossfit Football is usually the simplest way of describing what I do without trying to sound more sophisticated than I am!  Crossfit Football was a nice dovetail experience for me to get back in the sporting arena, and I dabbled in low level collegiate rugby in 2014 and 2015. I continually exposed myself to different methods of training over the years in an effort to work on any number of health goals, with the chief motivation in my mind to make myself bulletproof when I stepped on the rugby pitch.

I acquired my Crossfit Level One Cert and my USAW Sport Performance Coach Certification in the summer of 2013. These two things were powerful influencers on my desire to be involved in training others. I am a major proponent of what Crossfit has helped to accomplish in the fitness world with regard to motivating people to explore weightlifting and deviating from traditional gym routines people assume will get them fit. I revel in being able to guide people toward quality movement patterns and frequently utilize as much current meaningful fitness research to promote injury-free training. I am always open to discuss fitness with anyone who’s willing to ask, and rest assured that if I don’t have a thorough answer, I’ll work on finding one!

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