Customer of the MonthJanuary

Tori Einstein

Tori started out quiet...

… but lately has been coming out of her shell and finding her groove. She’s stayed committed, consistent and is always positive, always giving every workout everything she’s got! Her dedication is paying off, as shown when she PR’d EVERY LIFT during the 12 Lifts of Christmas!  Not to mention she’s always friendly and quick to offer a smile for everyone she encounters. We can’t wait to see you continue to improve and be successful inside and outside the gym!

Where are you originally from? Tempe, AZ. I moved to Tucson in 2008 to go to U of A.

How long have you been a CrossFitter, and why did you start? I started Crossfit August 2017. Two of my friends invited me to watch the 2017 CrossFit games with them and since then I’ve been hooked on everything CrossFit!

Which movement is your favorite?: Power cleans or handstand pushups

How have you improved the most since starting CrossFit? The thing I have noticed the most is that my cardio has improved a ton which I’m thankful for! That and the fact that I feel stronger.  I’ve grown to love lifting!

What would be your superpower? Invisibility

What do you love about CrossFit Purgatory?: I love the camaraderie of Purgatory. When I see everyone around me working hard it motivates me to work harder too! The positive attitudes and encouragement from everyone makes Purgatory great.

Do you have any goals for 2018 and beyond? My CrossFit goal for 2018 is to continue to make gains in lifting and PR every lift during the 12 days of lifting in December. Personally, my 2018 goal is to continue to pass the classes in my doctoral program so I can stay on track to graduate May 2020

If I’m not at the box, you can probably find me….:  At a coffee shop with friends (Presta is my favorite) or reading a good book

One interesting thing about yourself not related to CrossFit: In 2014, my parents traveled to Ellis Island in New York and found out we really were related to Albert Einstein.

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