3/4 Workout of the Day
3/4 Workout of the Day

Front squats/back squats
4 sets of 4/8 @70% of 1RM Front squat

4 Rounds for Time:
20' handstand walk
12 Kettlebell swings (70/53)


Front squats
Back squats
Work form over weight, but challenge athletes.

4 Rounds for Time:
2 wall walks
12 kettlebell swings


What is CrossFit?

If someone was to ask you “What is CrossFit?”  What would be your answer?  Would you describe the movements?  Would you briefly describe what a class is like?  Would you talk about the CrossFit Games? 



I have had family and friends ask me this question and without thinking I have always talked about it being “highly varied functional movements being performed at high intensities.”  This is a pretty much the definition from the CrossFit Training Guide.  Boy is that answer just missing so much!  Apparently every time I answer this question I just try and describe what CrossFit comes down to from a physical standpoint and never answer what it truly is. 



CrossFit is so much more then these functional movements and is so much more then just coming in to the gym and putting in hard work.  CrossFit is community.  CrossFit is family and f....

Jul 29th @ 12:31am
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